Maui magic

Still more of the same … sun, surf, scenic drives etc. Had lunch in an old pub on the waterfront at Lahaina yesterday and had a stroll around the town. There is an amazing Banyon tree in the town centre which is only one tree but has lots of trunks which are all connected to a huge main trunk with vine-like branches.


Banyon tree in Lahaina … just a single tree

Went on a bit of a road trip today and stopped at a renowned ukelele shop in Wailuku. Lots of great hand made traditional Hawaiian instruments and a talented musician to demo some of the ukes. Being a guitar player from way back, I bought a nice uke and the guy gave me a free lesson and I can already knock out a few decent tunes.

We had lunch in Paia which is a lot like Byron Bay … a bit alternate but lots of character. Finished up at Hookipa which is a famous surfing and wind surfing spot. The trade winds were howling and we saw some spectacular wind surfing.

Last full day in Maui tomorrow. It will be hard to leave but we are looking forward to a new adventure in Kauai.

Greg playing new uke in Maui.jpg

Cant get much more relaxed than this. Playing the new ukelele in our front yard at Maui. Stunning scenery.

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