Maui — our first day

Business class flight from Sydney very nice (comfy leather recliner, 3 course meal and plenty of free grog). Nearby kid screaming for 6 hours non-stop made sleeping a little difficult.

Went out to Dukes on the beach last night – fire lanterns, multi-coloured cocktails, great food and atmosphere to get us into the Hawaiian lifestyle.

Went to Puamana beach park near Lahaina today. Lots of people there for a Sunday picnic and surf. First go on the hire sup in the small surf a little wobbly but had lots of fun. This is truly sup heaven and there were heaps of locals out but they were spread out and there were plenty of waves to be had.

Did the big Safeways grocery shop on the way home and saw a live hula performance at the shopping mall.

Cathy is loving the relaxed atmosphere and the view from our balcony of the sun setting into the ocean.


Puamana beach park near Lahaina



iPhone snap of a hula show at our local shopping mall

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One thought on “Maui — our first day

  1. timgorrod

    Loving it. But boy those Hawaiian sunsets are FAST.

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